What makes the wine unique is its history!
Because everything needs time, experience, technology, soul and that certain something to become special.
Our wines are originated from the wonderful vineyard of Husi.
The Company

 SC A.B.V. – Invest S.R.L. IASI is a company with tradition in the Romanian wine market, having all the defining key elements to meet the needs of the current market.  The applied strategies within our organization are based on sustainable results, and it’s most important element

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About our wines

It is a challenge to appreciate a glass of wine, as every person has its unique personality exactly as every wine transfers its identity to the one who drinks it, thus creating moments of high intensity and deep emotion which are difficult to repeat.

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Our Wines

Our wines are originated from the wonderful vineyard of Husi, which is mentioned in historic documents even before the town’s name itself. The first document about this vineyard appeared in 1415, while the region was under the reign of Alexander the Good and the name of the town

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